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Community: The Heart of Our Company Culture

Meet a community that’s inspired to think in ways that result in groundbreaking lifestyle products. To see beyond borders and connect for greater value. And to create technology solutions that address some of the globe’s pressing challenges and needs.

We’re ready to welcome you, and will provide you with the tools, support, and opportunities you need to make your mark and shine. Get to know us and discover why #HarmanConnectsMe is at the heart of our culture!

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Committed to Doing Good

At HARMAN, we offer more than a career. We give you a chance to launch innovative technology while also having a positive impact on the world around you. Discover just a few of the ways we’re making a positive impact – and how you can, too.

Sustainability starts here: we’re dedicated to creating a greener, healthier world. By focusing on sustainability, safety, and the environment, we can create a better future together. Our efforts are directed in three categories: local community engagement, responsible manufacturing, and product evolution. To learn more about our commitment to sustainability, visit our corporate sustainability page.

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Local Community Engagement

Across the globe, we support the well-being of our local communities through volunteer days and hands-on projects. With outreach to multiple charities and organizations at the local level, we’re given free rein to fulfill our individual desire to do good – right where we live.

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Responsible Manufacturing

In all our manufacturing operations, we maintain an ongoing focus on reducing carbon emissions; conserving and protecting water supplies; curbing our use of energy; and lowering waste. By 2025, we’re committed to 100% renewable electricity in manufacturing, as well as 40% emissions reduction.

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Product Evolution

All HARMAN products are built to respond to the changing needs of humanity – and that includes the needs of our planet. We’re continuously looking for ways to reduce energy costs, protect the environment and conserve precious natural resources, while still elevating the human experience.


Want to know what it’s like to join the HARMAN community? Our employees are here to tell you. Listen in as they share their unique stories. From forging their career paths to deep diving into their roles and how they contribute to our award-winning suite of solutions, our employees are your go-to source for getting an inside look at HARMAN.

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