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Title Location
Sr. Mechanical Engineer Novi, MI, US
Co-Op, Mechanical Engineering Novi, MI, US
Digital Systems Engineer Novi, MI, US
Associate Mechanical Engineer - Speakers Novi, MI, US
Senior Principal Engineer - Optics and HUD Novi, MI, US
Senior Mechanical Engineer - Amplifiers Querétaro, Mexico, QUE, MX
Senior Mechanical Engineer Querétaro, Mexico, MX
Resident Senior Mechanical Engineer, Speakers Aichi, Japan, 23, JP
Mechanical Engineer Querétaro, Mexico, QUE, MX
Principal Mechanical Engineer Querétaro, Mexico, QUE, MX
PLM Developer Budapest, Hungary, HU
Sr. Process Engineer - Assembly Querétaro, Mexico, MX
Sr. Mechanical Engineer Northridge, CA, US
Resident Mechanical Engineer Querétaro, Mexico, QUE, MX
Industrial Designer Aichi, Japan, 23, JP
Assembly Fixture and Tooling Design Engineer Querétaro, Mexico, QUE, MX
Sr. Process Engineer - SMT Querétaro, Mexico, QUE, MX
Associate Hardware Engineer Querétaro, Mexico, MX
Principal HW Engineer- Camera Systems Functional Safety Novi, MI, US
Technical Support Engineer- Linux, AWS Novi, MI, US
Cyber Security Integrator - Masters in Cyber Security Novi, MI, US
Sr. SW Architect (embedded, Infotainment, multimedia) Novi, MI, US
DSP Engineering Summer Intern Novi, MI, US
Embedded Software Architect (embedded/Autosar/Audio) Novi, MI, US
Sr. DSP Engineer Novi, MI, US
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